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At a loss for what to plan on your next date night or date day adventure? Looking for great cheap dates that don’t feel cheap? Try diving into the hundreds of unexpected options of Groupon and LivingSocial deals to find some great date ideas at discounted rates!

Examples of Groupon & LivingSocial Deals Perfect for Dates

Just a quick search on these sister sites will give you more date day and date night options than you will know what to do with. From the classic dinner deals to the more unique activities, like axe throwing. There is REALLY something for every couple.

Plus, it’s a great way to find new date ideas you may never have known you wanted to try!


Here’s an idea of options you can find at extreme discounts:

  • Comedy Club or Concert Tickets (Usually $20-30 for two)
  • City Tours (From $10 each!)
  • Arcade Tickets for places like Dave & Busters (Often $20 for $40, etc.)
  • Escape Room Entry (Usually $30-50 for two)
  • Paint and Sip or other Craft Classes (Often $20 each)
  • Cider, Beer, Wine or Spirits Tastings (From $5 each!)
  • Roller Skating or Ice Skating (Around $10-15 for two)
  • Dance Classes (Often $50-100 for two)
  • Kayak or SUP Board Rentals (Usually $20-30 for two)
  • Festival Entry or Sporting Events (Often from $10 each)
  • Axe Throwing or Archery (From $20 each)
  • Online Classes – like cocktail making (Around $10-30)

Tips for Searching for Groupon & LivingSocial Deals

Use the search functions right. You can search by location, then narrow it down to categories (‘Things to Do’ is a good bet), then filter by price, etc. There are so many options, this will help you not be overwhelmed!

Search for what you’re looking for! Don’t forget to use the search bar if there is something specific you want – like mini-golf or bowling.

Keep an eye out for their special discounts. If you plan to scour these sites often, signing up for their email notifications may also be worth it! They often have sales for holidays and at other random points.


For more date ideas, check out this page of date ideas on Groupon and this one on LivingSocial.

Using Groupon & LivingSocial Deals for Great Cheap Dates!