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Struggling to make time for a memorable date night? We just reviewed Crated With Love and think this is a genius idea for couples who need an easy date night solution. From fun games to get to know each other better to plenty of creative ways to have a laugh and reignite that spark. For about $18-27 for a Crated With Love box, it’s a great budget option for an at-home date night, too! And there are no rules against playing the games you enjoy over and over.

What is Crated With Love?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen a subscription box or two advertised. Since most people love the idea of getting a fun surprise in the mail – especially if it is a theme they are interested in, these things are extremely popular.

So, you can imagine our excitement when we saw a fun, unique date night box subscription! I mean, that’s pretty much our jam here.

Here’s what you can expect in each creatively designed theme-based Crated with Love box:

  • 4-6 games aimed at relationship building
  • all items needed for date night activities
  • easy-to-follow instructions in booklet for games
easy date night crated with love

Some previous themes for this fun date night box have been a ‘sweetheart safari’, ‘wild wild west’, and ‘zombie apocalypse.’ Our box was ‘retro game night’ themed!!! Prices vary (depending on what type of subscription commitment you want) from $17.99 to $26.99, with U.S. shipping included.

Why We Love this Date Night Subscription Box!

We couldn’t wait to get our hands on the Crated with Love box to check it out in person.

Fun packaging! The creative, quality design of the box and the items inside really impressed us. We’ve seen a few similar offerings that look like a craft project, but Crated with Love obviously takes pride in offering a unique and good-looking date night subscription box.

easy date night crated with love

Potential for Multiple Mini-Dates. While you could definitely plan to try out all of the included games and activities in one big game night, but we love the idea of splitting it up across the month to make it last as well. This may make more sense for couples with busy schedules who struggle to find time to date each other.

easy date night crated with love

Relationship-Focused. This is probably our favorite thing about this company. Helping couples connect on a deeper level while having fun together is the main focus. From new to well-established relationships, it’s a fun way to learn new things about each other in a light-hearted way.

easy date night crated with love

Great Gift for Your Favorite Couple. After checking this out for yourself, it will likely become your new favorite wedding or holiday gift for the other couples in your life. It’s such a fun thing to look forward to each month!

easy date night crated with love

Overall, we think this is a fun, well-priced and unique date night option with the added bonus of an element of surprise!

So, what do you think? Would you be open to trying out the Crated with Love subscription box for easy date night fun?