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Planning a memorable date night doesn’t always have to break the bank. Finding a few good Dave and Buster’s deals is the perfect excuse to have some child-like fun and reconnect with your partner. While this date idea can definitely get pricey, we’ve found some easy ways to save (like pairing happy hour with half-price Wednesday!)

dave and buster's deals | budget-date-ideas

We promise you’ll have way more fun than the classic dinner and a movie date, for a fraction of the money!

Quick Intro to Dave and Buster’s

This is an adult-focused arcade where you can sip a cocktail while you beat your date at Skee-Ball. They also have a sports bar serving a full menu and drinks from open to close – for those of you who think every date needs to come with yummy food and drink options. (We agree, BTW!)

Dave and Buster’s Games

Games vary from the classics (like Galaga or Pac Man) to more creative, modern options, and even virtual reality games! At some Dave and Buster’s locations there are also billiards and bowling available. There are plenty of games perfect for playing as a couple. And even some of the one-person games can be played as a team for good laughs, or take turns and compete for best score!

 dave and busters date playing games
Photo Credit: Dave & Buster’s

Of course, where there are games, there will be kids. But there is a strict curfew policy at some Dave and Buster’s locations that doesn’t allow anyone under 21 after 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. However, going mid-day or late on a weekday usually gives you a better chance of being surrounded by under-age game players.

Dave and Buster’s Locations

With Dave and Buster’s locations in 40 of the 50 states (and counting), plus Puerto Rico, it is also highly likely that there’s a fun date night near you.

If you live in an area, with multiple Dave and Buster’s locations near you, make sure to check each page on their website to see which one has the best offers. Deals vary by location, so some may have a higher discount for members of the military or more happy hour specials.

Amount and variety of games also varies, depending on which Dave and Buster’s locations you go to.

dave and buster's deals | budget-date-ideas

14 Tips for Finding Dave and Buster’s Deals Near You

You could easily have a few hours of fun at this adult arcade for as little as $25 per couple – especially if you plan it for a weekday. Plus, the competitive nature of the games is sure to create some funny memories, you can have a beer or cocktail while you play, and you could even go home with a prize! This is a date night we go back to multiple times a month. It is like pressing the easy button on planning fun time as a couple.

1. Look for Dave and Busters Coupons

You’d be surprised where you find Dave and Busters coupons. Of course, they may be in those Entertainment Books kids sell. But there are also usually free ones on the back of grocery store receipts, like King Soopers and Krogers. Keep an eye out!

2. Check

If you want an easier way to find discounts, there are usually special Dave and Buster’s deals on (similar options on as well). Once purchased, you can use it at the noted Dave and Buster’s location.

As I’m writing this, there is a deal for $25 for all-day gaming for two for all games that do not issue tickets or prizes … which is still quite a lot (for example, racing games, shooting games, etc.)

 dave and busters date playing games
Screenshot from Living Social in May 2019 with example of Dave and Buster’s deals.

3. Sign Up for the D&B Email

For joining, you’ll receive $10 free game play with the purchase of $10 game play. Plus, you’ll be notified of other special offers and a heads up on the new games coming to the Dave and Buster’s locations near you. Sometimes you’ll even get coupons for $20 when you buy $20, and other Dave and Buster’s deals.

4. Register Your Power Card

After registering your Power Card online, it is protected when lost or stolen. Whether you have only put $10 on it or have racked up thousands of tickets for prizes, having this backup is a good idea. Plus, get $10 for every $100 you spend.

dave and busters date
Photo Credit: Dave & Buster’s

5. Get the Dave and Buster’s App

This tip isn’t just a money saver, it is a time saver as well! Download the ‘Charging Station Mobile App‘ to avoid waiting in line when you arrive for your Dave & Buster’s date. Just register your Power Card and add chips to it using the smartphone app whenever needed. You can also see any specials they have going on, like the buy $20, get $20 deal.

6. Supercharge It

When you add more chips to your Power Card, you will have the option to “Supercharge” it. This gives you 25% more chips for just a couple dollars more. We say, go for it!

super charge dave and busters date
Screenshot from Dave & Buster’s website in May 2019. Prices may change.

7. Claim Your Discount as a First Responder or Member of the Military

Dave & Buster’s offers this deal to thank you for your service. Here are the details from their website: “Show your valid military or First Responder ID to get 10% off food & game play for you & up to four guests (offers cannot be combined; excludes games on Wednesdays).” At some Dave and Buster’s locations, they even offer 20% off – so check around if you have the option between a few.

8. Go on a Wednesday for Half Price Games

Want to make your chips really last? Go on a Wednesday for one of the best Dave and Buster’s deals yet – enjoy the half price games. However, if you do happen to get a buy-one-get-one coupon or other deal, make sure you add the deal to your account before Wednesday. The won’t let you double dip! And for extra bang for your buck, go during happy hour.

9. Check Out Power Hour

Weekdays are really where it is at for a budget Dave & Buster’s date night. Monday through Friday from 4:30 to 7 p.m., you can play an entire hour of unlimited video games (that do not issue tickets or prizes) for just $10. (Note from D&B site: ‘At participating locations. Times vary by location. Power Hour starts after the first Power Card swipe.’) There is also a one-minute timer between swipes, so it isn’t ideal to share a card.

10. Go for Happy Hour

It is scientifically proven that drinking while playing games improves your chances of winning (just kidding, but it is a nice perk of an arcade with a bar)!

Try to plan for the after work (Mon. – Fri., 4-7 p.m.) or late night happy hour (Sun. – Thurs., 10 p.m. to midnight) when possible. Deals usually include $5 bites (like their guacamole & chips and loaded pot stickers), plus half-off cocktails and $1 off wine glasses or 22oz drafts. (Note: Dave and Buster’s deals may vary by location).

So, grab a drink, have a snack, find a fun game to compete against each other at, and have fun!

dave and busters date
Photo Credit: Dave & Buster’s

11. Do the Eat & Play Combo

While the games are probably the biggest draw to a Dave & Buster’s date, they do have plenty of good food options available from open to close as well. If you plan to eat there, definitely take advantage of one of the most popular Dave & Buster’s deals – the Eat & Play Combo. You can get an entrée or appetizer from a select menu plus a $10 Power Card, starting at only $17.99.

Or you have an option to double up with a $20 Power Card for just $25.99 – that means your food was only $5.99! There are also Eat & Play deals at higher price points for different meal options.

Expect typical bar food like burgers, chicken fingers, and mac & cheese. But there are also salads, steak, and seafood options at higher price points. And they are constantly changing their menu, so check back regularly to see if there is anything new you’d like to try. As a vegetarian who also avoids dairy, I struggle. But, there’s a new ‘Avocado Toast with Mexican Street Corn’ option on their menu now that I’m definitely trying on our next date night.

Note: On Friday and Saturdays, this offer is only available until 5 p.m.

dave and busters date playing games and eating
Photo Credit: Dave & Buster’s

12. Check for Other Dave and Buster’s Deals

Right now there is an offer for unlimited wings and unlimited video game play (for all games that do not issue tickets or prizes) every Thursday for only $19.99 at select Dave and Buster’s locations. But, it is noted as “for a limited time.”

They also have a “Two for Tuesday” special which includes $2 tacos and margaritas, as well as two free game plays with a $10 Power Card purchase.

Be sure to check their website for any special deals at the Dave and Busters locations near you. Weekdays seem to have the most savings options.

13. Make a Prize Goal

Want a new video game system or enough tickets to do all your holiday shopping in the Dave & Buster’s store? Browse around first and figure out how many tickets you need to meet your goal. It may take a few visits to reach your goal, but the tickets are just a bonus for a fun date night. May as well make the most of them!

Not into shopping in an arcade? Don’t write off your ticket earnings just yet. You can also use these bad boys for FOOOD! Yes, you read that correctly. Free food! Now that’s a date night bonus perk we can get behind. During our latest visit, they had three appetizer options and two dessert options for 750 tickets each, or there were three ‘deluxe’ appetizer options for 1000 tickets each. These change regularly, so check the flyer in the store for details.

Also, note that prizes may vary at different Dave and Buster’s locations.

14. Play the Long Game

While earning tickets for free stuff is always a perk, making the most of your game chips is also a fun challenge! If you aren’t concerned with racking up tickets for prizes, definitely focus on the racing, shooting, and other games that don’t give tickets. These often provide way more actual game time than those one-button, win-big games. Plus, they are often the best suited options for couples.

dave and buster's deals | budget-date-ideas

Our Final Tips for a Fun, but Cheap Dave & Buster’s Date

I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know that many of these Dave and Buster’s deals even existed until I started diving more into their website. Clearly, there are a ton of options! So, to make planning that much easier. Here are our best budget date plans.

If you want to eat …

Go at happy hour on a Wednesday. Order a few of the cheap drink options. Split an appetizer or entrée on the Eat & Play menu. Make that $10 last by playing racing and shooting games or rack up enough tickets (only 750!) to get a free dessert before you leave. Get out of there for less than $30!

If you are just there for games …

Go during ‘Power Hour’ and play as much as possible during that time for the cheapest option – only $10! (If not playing games you can play at the same time, you may want two cards, since there is a one-minute timer between swipes).

If you want to stay longer than an hour, keep an eye out for the buy $20 get $20 coupon, add it to your account, go on a Wednesday and have multiple hours of fun and still get out of there for less than $30 – even with a couple of happy hour drinks.

dave and buster's deals | budget-date-ideas

Happy Gaming Date Night!

14 Tips for Finding Dave and Buster’s Deals for a Budget-Friendly Date Night