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Welcome Fellow Searchers of Awesome Dates!


About Budget Date Ideas 1

After Googling ‘budget date ideas’ for the 10,000th time with lack-luster results, we decided to make a resource of our own.

Because we all deserve better dates, dammit! And you can stretch your dollars so much further with the right information at your fingertips.

So, here we are … ready to work hard to give you the information you need to plan a wonderful date night or adventurous date day with your person – no matter what your budget looks like.

To get you a fantastic mix of ideas, we’re collaborating with dating pros from all over the world, doing deep internet research, and connecting with companies to get the inside scoop on how to plan the best dates ever. 

We aim to be your number one resource for unique, fun, memorable dates that won’t make you go broke.

Because we loooove love almost as much as we loooove having fun. And we don’t think planning a great date should be such a hassle.

It is our strong belief that better dates lead to happier couples which can only lead to more positive things for our world. And none of that needs to cost a ton of money!

Oh yea, and we’re also doing monthly giveaways for FREE DATES (like e-gift cards to places like Dave & Buster’s and TopGolf, or cool product giveaways). Because the only thing worse than spending all night Googling with no results is giving someone your email address and just getting some lousy PDF download.

Long story short, we got you. Your dating future is safe with us. And you’ll probably win some cool free stuff along the way.

Happy Dating, Friends!

Brooke + Buddy
Creators of

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